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MobilityTRANS Seeking DBEs/SBEs for Passenger Van materials and services

MobilityTRANS (“MT“), is a Transit Vehicle Manufacturer with final assembly facilities in Canton, Michigan. MT is seeking DBEs certified under 49 CFR Part 26 and SBEs meeting SBA standards to submit technical and commercial proposals to us for materials and services we may require to manufacture Passenger Vans. MT’s potential supplier workscopes may include HVAC Auxiliary Power Supplies, Chassis, Wheel/axle assemblies, Batteries, Brake Systems, Communication Equipment, Destination Signs, Door Control Systems, Fare boxes, Flooring, Interior panels, Interior & Exterior Lighting, Seating, Suspension equipment, Wheelchair lifts, Windows, Wire and cable assemblies, electro-mechanical assemblies, Aluminum extrusions, Metal fabrications, Hardware, Transportation, and other stipulated deliverables for installation on Passenger Vans. Potential suppliers of Passenger Vans and components must have proven passenger transportation experience. All suppliers’ manufacturing facilities shall be certified or compliant with DOT Quality Program requirements or demonstrate compliance with an equivalent program. Certified DBEs and SBEs meeting these qualifications should contact Mr. Brown at or (734) 453-6452. Please contact Mr. Brown or me if you have any questions. MobilityTRANS’s overall goal for FY 2019 (Oct. 1, 2018 to Sept. 30, 2019) is 1.00% of the total amount of domestic contracted dollars we will expend on USDOT-assisted contracts.