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Prisoner Transport van interior caged door
Computer mounted inside Prisoner Transport van dashboard

Your law enforcement transportation solution

For law enforcement transportation, safety and security are paramount. MobilityTRANS builds and customizes law enforcement transit vans and ADA shuttles with a variety of floor plans, seating arrangements and unique security features to keep drivers and passengers safe and secure. These custom prisoner transport vans can be outfitted to maximize capacity as well as security measures, and can also securely transport wheelchair users or otherwise handicapped individuals. Our customized law enforcement transport vehicles meet NHTSA, FMVSS, and ADA requirements, as well as state and federal security regulations. A range of custom and standard safety features, including front and side airbags, lane-departure warnings, anti-rollover systems, anti-locks brakes, security barriers, alert systems, video surveillance systems and more make it easy to keep everyone safe and secure.

  • Reliable and long-lasting: Made from reinforced steel and backed by OEM warranties, MobilityTRANS law enforcement transport shuttles and vans are built to withstand many miles and many passengers.
  • Flexible customizations: If you are in need of a vehicle to maximize prisoner transport capacity, maximize security features, a specialized vehicle for secure handicapped transportation, or another need, we can help.
  • Superior safety features: Customizable safety features allow you to minimize risk in law enforcement transportation settings. Security barriers, surveillance, driver safety features, and alert systems allow law enforcement to monitor passengers and stay safe on the road.

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