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We offer ADA and passenger vehicles of all sizes to entities such as: Transit Authorities, DOTs, Non-Emergency Medical Transport Companies, Senior Living and Nursing Homes, Adult Foster Care Agencies, Group Homes, Law Enforcement, Hotels, Shuttle Companies, and many more. Contact us to see how we can help you better serve our community.

Major Industries Served

All vehicles we sell and manufacture meet all FMVSS, NHTSA, ADA, as well as our own tough standards.

Introducing: The Best Dual Side Entry Transit System


The EZ-Swing side lift platform is a revolution in the transit industry, allowing dual curb-side entry into the Ford Transit van for both ambulatory and wheelchair passengers with no electronic parts. The EZ-Swing is a fully manual operated platform that is so easy to swing in and out that you can move it with one finger! All this while being sturdy and robust to last the life of the vehicle and rattle free. Contact your local dealer today to find out more about the new EZ-Swing platform.

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