Passenger Van

Vehicle Overview

A custom commercial passenger van helps you safely and comfortably transport your clients and customers. MobilityTRANS customizes Ford Transit vans to maximize seating capacity while providing comfort and utility. The Ford Transit is durable, long-lasting and economical with fuel, helping business owners save time and money on maintenance and gas. With a long list of seating arrangements and other customizable safety, technology, security and accessibility features, we make it easy to customize a passenger van that meets your needs.

Benefits of a MobilityTRANS vehicle

  • Maximize seating: You are not limited to the Ford Transit’s seating arrangement. We customize the seating arrangement and provide sliding, removable, or foldable seats to give you flexibility.
  • Safe and comfortable: The custom Ford Transit passenger van provides a safe and comfortable ride. Additional safety features like lane-correction and lane-drift alerts, a back-up camera, all wheel drive, a speed limiter, cameras and more help to make the journey as safe as possible.
  • Secure storage: If you are frequently transporting luggage or other cargo, we can customize secure storage areas, luggage racks, cargo barriers and more to maximize space for passengers as well as their valuables.

Vehicle Specifications

Passenger Van

  • Sliding, folding, and removable seating
  • USB outlets and 4G wifi connectivity
  • Privacy curtains and security barriers
  • Front and rear 12V power outlets
  • Front and rear climate control
  • Safe cargo or luggage storage