Public Transportation

Vehicle Overview

MobilityTRANS customizes public transportation vans and shuttles for private business, municipalities, organizations and more. Our custom ADA-compliant shuttles are outfitted with unique floorplans to maximize seating capacity and easy-to-use locking mechanisms to secure wheelchairs and other mobility equipment. This helps drivers stay on-schedule while providing a speedy and safe experience. A variety of standard and optional safety features help to ensure a safe journey, and reduce liability for operators.

Benefits of a MobilityTRANS vehicle

  • Superior safety features: A variety of alerts, sensors, and cameras help drivers provide a safe and comfortable ride for all passengers.
  • ADA-compliance: Our upfits meet NHTSA, FMVSS, and ADA requirements to serve all residents and constituents equally.
  • Flexible capacity and storage: The ability to fold, slide, add or remove seats as needed helps drivers meet different transit needs at different times.

Vehicle Specifications

Public Transportation

  • Blind-spot alert system 
  • Lane-keeping and lane-departure alerts
  • Easy-lock wheelchair securements
  • Occupancy maximizing floorplans 
  • Video surveillance options 
  • Rear back-up camera 
  • Side- or rear-entry wheelchair lift