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MobilityTRANS builds custom passenger vans to suit many different industries and needs. Whether you are transporting customers or clients across short distances to and from your establishment, or you are covering longer journeys, our vehicles will keep drivers and passengers safe, secure and comfortable. Our custom ADA vans and shuttles are equipped with easy-to-use anchor systems and retractable tie-downs so staff members can quickly and safely secure wheelchairs and other mobility devices. With multiple floor plans and a wide range of customizable options, you can maximize the utility, comfort, capacity, safety and security of your ADA van or transit vehicle.

  • ADA accessible shuttles: Wheelchairs and other mobility equipment are no obstacle with a custom ADA shuttle. Side- or rear-entry lifts, intuitive anchor systems, and retractable tie-downs are easy for drivers to use and comfortable for passengers.
  • Long or short distances: Whether you are looking for a custom passenger van for quick drop-offs or longer tours, our vehicles are built to last.
  • Flexible: The ability to easily add or remove seats, customize storage capacity, and install state-of-the-art features provides optimal flexibility. Whether you need efficient ADA compliant transit, maximum seating capacity, spacious storage, or something else, your vehicle can adapt.

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