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It’s essential for public transportation and shuttles to serve all residents and visitors, without putting undue pressure on drivers or economical pressure on owners. MobilityTRANS builds custom ADA shuttle vans that are easy for drivers to operate, comfortable for riders, and economical for operators. The easy-to-use anchor system in our ADA accessible vans allows drivers to quickly, safely and securely transport wheelchair users or users of other assistive equipment. The auto-retracting tie-downs and removable seats allow drivers to stow accessibility equipment or reconfigure seating as needed. With a variety of different floor plans, heights, rear- and side-entry lifts, and other customizable features, we make it easy to find ADA public transportation vans and shuttles with the right amount of seating and accessibility. All of our public transportation shuttles and vans meet state DOT, NHTSA, FMVSS, and ADA requirements.

  • Durable and economical: With OEM warranties, American-made chassis and upfit, stainless steel construction, and superior fuel economy, the MobilityTRANS public transit vehicles are easy and economical to operate and maintain.
  • Quick and secure handicap transportation: The 3-point wheelchair passenger and seating securements with auto-retracting tie-down and EZsafe anchor system keeps passengers safe while allowing drivers to easily stay on-schedule.
  • Safe and comfortable: Front and side airbags, lane-departure warning, anti-rollover systems, anti-lock brakes, 4G wifi connectivity, and a variety of custom safety and comfortability features allow you to customize the ideal public transport shuttle.

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